If you are enterprises and whish to host an AI Hackathon here are the step for it:

  1. Sign Up on Dockship by visiting this page. You can use any of your social accounts or use your credentials.
  2. Upon the first login, you will be prompted to choose your profile type. Choose the "Organization" profile type.
    Important: Once a profile type is selected it cannot be changed later.
  3. On the sidebar menu, click on "Hackathons" menu item and follow the on-screen steps to create your first Hackathon.
  4. Upon completing the Hackathon form click "Submit for Review". Our team will review your Hackathon and if found fit, will approve within 48 Hrs.

Some important points to remember:

  1. All AI Hackathons organized on Dokcship are paid. 
  2. The final amount displayed as a reward to the data scientist reflects the 20% commission charged by Dockship.